Your vote is significant

Below is a list of issues (or pull requests) in Selenium IDE, Firefox and third party software that complicate maintenance and progress of SeLite. They also restrict usability of Selenium IDE. Many of them were reported by other people, but they affect SeLite, too. Some of those defects and requests even have fixes proposed, but not accepted by the third party.

Only your vote will help to get attention of those third parties. Please, make the difference: Vote for these issues.

Your privacy is essential

If you vote for an issue, by default you will receive automated emails on changes to that issue. However, you can deactivate those notifications. Indeed, voting for an issue doesn’t add your email address to any forums.

Where to vote

Use the following links to register with third parties, disable email notifications (unless you want them), list the issues/pull requests and vote for them:

Third party Hosted at Registration Email preferences Issues relevant to SeLite Your votes (or comments)  
Projects on GitHub GitHub GitHub registration GitHub notifications (see below)✓&q=commenter%3Ayour-github-user-name
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Selenium GitHub     (see below)✓&q=commenter%3Ayour-github-user-name
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Selblocks GitHub     Selblocks issues✓&q=commenter%3Ayour-github-user-name
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Projects outside of GitHub            
Mozilla Mozilla Mozilla registration Mozilla preferences Mozilla issues Mozilla votes  
NetBeans NetBeans NetBeans registration NetBeans preferences NetBeans issues NetBeans votes  

Please, vote even if an issue is closed (with comments like doesn’t meet a ‘feature bar’). Subscribe to XML RSS feed on these issues.

Selenium, SelBlocks (on GitHub)

Registration with GitHub is easy.

There is no voting for issues/pull requests on GitHub. Instead, add a thumbs up thumbs up reaction. Watch out, however: reactions are per-comment. Choose an existing comment that supports fixing the problem rather than avoids it. (For reactions click at the smiley face near the top right corner of a comment.) Do not ‘vote’ by Star button at the top right corner. (It doesn’t star the issue/pull request itself. Instead, it stars the whole repository.)

By default, you will get notifications for issues that you comment on. After you commented on an issue, you may want to unfollow it by ‘Unsubscribe’ button on the right. See also your notification settings and repositories that you are watching.

Mozilla and NetBeans

Mozilla and NetBeans also require you to register in order to vote. It takes a few steps, but it’s important: those products have many more other issues and voters (when compared to Selenium), so we need many votes to expedite the issues. Register yourself at NetBeans registration and Mozilla registration. Submit those forms, then check your email inbox and confirm your registration by following a link that you’ll receive.

To navigate to voting, you may need to expand ‘Details’ section. The actual voting is in two steps. Click at ‘vote’ right of Importance (for Mozilla) or right of Priority (for NetBeans). That takes you to a page with a checkbox next to Vote For This Bug. Activate the checkbox and submit by clicking at button Change My Votes near the bottom-left.

You can turn off any notifications at Mozilla preferences or NetBeans preferences > button Disable All Mail and then button Submit Changes at the bottom.

Detailed list of issues/pull requests

Issue Third party Reason
tree.inputField’s type as autocomplete fails Mozilla Usable Clipboard And Indent
Selenium IDE chrome/content/formats/html.js has an incorrect regex Selenium Reliable export/import
Selenium IDE chrome/content/formats/html.js to preserve indented… Selenium Readable cases
Support ECMAScript 6 Template Literals Selenium Compact scripts
Base URL Should Allow Path Selenium Practicality and integration
Refactor TestCase.debugContext to have a class on its own Selenium Stable API of [SelBlocks Global]
Core extensions are loaded 2x - document this, or prevent it Selenium Robust core extensions
verify* should show the diff Selenium Robust cases.
See [Exit Confirmation Checker] > Details
Details of error reporting in user/plugin javascript Selenium Productive debugging
IDE: alert() fails in a modified test case Selenium Reliable automation
IDE: a subsequent call to open() fails with multiprocessed Firefox (e10s) Selenium Major Firefox Compatibility
Selecting a command or executing a command/case/suite… Selenium Intuitive navigation
Switching between Log/Reference/UI-element/Rollup to use native Firefox tabs Selenium Visual navigation
XPath 2.0 Mozilla Robust cases.
(For now see supported functions.)
expose EXSLT functions to DOM Level 3 XPath API Mozilla Using modern XPath in Javascript
Breakpoint triggers on code that doesn’t run… Mozilla Productive debugging
Sidebars (history, bookmarks) should not have maximum width Mozilla GUI usability
Allow sidebar to be selected and turned on/off independently Mozilla GUI usability
Support for( var value of array ) {…} loop NetBeans Cleaner code
ICU-based Intl.DateTimeFormat implementation… Mozilla Timestamps across timezones
Add support for IANA time zone names to internationalization API Mozilla Timestamps across timezones
Selblocks and SelBlocksGlobal Selblocks Joined effort
Report user extension/plugin error stack Selenium Robust debugging
safe_alert() fails at UI element startup in Selenium IDE Selenium Design of UI element locators
UI element test cases should be run even after Selenium IDE startup Selenium Design of UI element locators
Incorrect Error Reporting for Javascript 1.7 keywords NetBeans Simpler & robust code using ‘const’ keyword
Allow search minidialog and highlighting for multiple tabs/windows… NetBeans Code navigation
Code fold at indention level NetBeans Code navigation
Highlight NaN, Infinity and undefined NetBeans Editing
Show version awaiting review in detail page… Mozilla Distributing new versions
(Can’t be voted on yet)
Optionally wrap long lines in the debugger Mozilla Visual interface
Don’t collapse empty {} NetBeans Code navigation
JavaScript editor uses camelCase navigation even when disabled NetBeans Code navigation
<treechildren tooltip=”_child”> doesn’t work Mozilla Robust export/import
Allow sidebars to be different widths Mozilla Flexible usage
JavaScript Console reports exceptions as warnings when using “use strict” Mozilla Robust debugging
“use strict”; violations only logged at LOG level from AddonManager.jsm Mozilla Productive debugging
nsTreeView and TreeView.setCellText() is either badly… Mozilla Visual - SeLite Settings
Tree documentation: setCellText and redrawing Mozilla Visual - SeLite Settings
console reports syntax error for valid json fetched via jquery.ajax Mozilla Cleaner log in Browser Console
Support loading BOMless UTF-8 text/plain files from file: URLs Mozilla Cleaner log in Browser Console
Confusing text: Be careful with old versions!… Mozilla Clear download instructions
(Can’t be voted on yet)
Regex search in any folder tree with an empty file fails NetBeans Smooth customization
Documentation and handling of Selenium.prototype.getXYZ functions… Selenium Reliable API
Backslashes get reduced to half Selenium Usability
Support compound selectors and complex selectors… Mozilla Flexible usage