Install Selenium IDE. Unless you’re choosing specific components, also get Favorites (Selenium IDE).

Don’t install SeLite together with SelBlocks, Flow Control, GoTo, Sideflow or Implicit Wait. (Those extensions are incompatible with SelBlocks Global).

Overall package

For the easiest download, get an overall package.

If you depend on recent functionality (released within last few days), see Latest releases or Cutting edge.

By component

Alternatively, choose specific SeLite components below. For dependancies see ComponentsDependants. Install components from SeLite collection.

Latest releases

Background: All updates of components (add-ons) are screened by Mozilla for security. You can get them at Download links below. However, updates don’t show up on Mozilla info pages (nor at the above collection), until someone from Mozilla reviews them. If you’ve installed older versions of the components, you will get automatic updates with a delay.

To get the latest releases, use the download links below for recent releases. Ignore the text: ‘You should always use the latest version of an add-on.’ Do not follow those ‘latest version’ links (which can be out of date).

Details of components

Extension name
and user documentation
Change log)
More details (as applicable)
chrome:// URLs only work after you install the component in Firefox.
Clipboard And Indent info download
  • Configuration: chrome://selite-settings/content/tree.xul?module=extensions.selite-settings.common > indentationStep
  • Apache License 2
  • Since February 2015
Hands-on GUI info download Urgent note
This productivity add-on is affected by Firefox defect "tree.inputField's type as autocomplete fails". Vote for that bug, please.

Your vote is essential. Otherwise Mozilla may take years to fix it. Please, also vote for ThirdPartyIssues.
  • Apache License 2
  • Since February 2015
Preview info download
  • Since 2016
Settings info download
  • Options > SeLite Settings for this suite
  • Configuration: chrome://selite-settings/content/tree.xul
  • Registration: chrome://selite-settings/content/tree.xul?register
  • Resolving per folder: chrome://selite-settings/content/tree.xul?selectFolder
  • source
  • GUI is under GNU GPL 3; API is under GNU LGPL 3
  • Since 2013
Commands info download
  • Since 2011
DB Objects info download
  • Since May 2013
SelBlocksGlobal info download
  • MPL License 1.1
  • Since 2011
Extension Sequencer info download
  • Apache License 2
  • Since September 2013
Miscellaneous info download
  • Selenese reference (online)
  • Selenese reference (offline) chrome://selite-extension-sequencer/content/selenese_reference.html?chrome://selite-misc/content/reference.xml
  • Source
  • Source (offline): chrome://selite-misc/content/extensions/core-extension.js
  • Javascript tests: chrome://selite-misc/content/javascript_test_runner.html?chrome://selite-misc/content/javascript-tests/test.js
  • selenese-scripts/
  • Since May 2013
TestCase Debug Context info download  
  • Apache License 2
  • Since 2013
Auto Check info download
  • Configuration: chrome://selite-settings/content/tree.xul?module=extensions.selite-settings.common > autoCheck...
  • Since July 2014
Bootstrap info download
  • Configuration: chrome://selite-settings/content/tree.xul?module=extensions.selite-settings.common > bootstrappedCoreExtensions
  • Since 2012
ExitConfirmationChecker info download
  • Since June 2014
Run All Favorites info download
  • Not backwards compatible with Favorites (Selenium IDE), only forward compatible (see info).
  • It requires Favorites (Selenium IDE).
  • MPL License 1.1
  • Since September 2014

Cutting edge

If you’re eager to use the development versions, apply InstallFromSource. That may be faster than downloading components one by one. Additionally, the source contains PackagedScripts, which serve as active documentation. If you use a GIT client, it gives you easy access to future development versions.


Additionally, get AddOnsThirdParty. See SeleniumIDEtips for productivity tips.