Install Dotclear 2.6.3

This is what worked on Fedora 20. The example script logs in as an admin and creates a user with random credentials. It logs in as that user and posts and validates random content.

Download .tgz file of Dotclear. Then

cd /var/www/html
sudo tar xvzf ~/Downloads/dotclear-2.6.3.tar.gz

sudo vi dotclear/config.php
# enter path to SQLite file (which doesn’t have to exist, but Apache must be able to create it and to write to it)

sudo chmod a+rwx public
sudo chmod -R a+rwx cache

Configure it at e.g. http://localhost/dotclear/admin/install/.

Install SeLite Dotclear framework

Apply InstallFramework. The framework and scripts are in dotclear folder - e.g. /var/www/html/dotclear/inc/db.sqlite. The default DB prefix is dc.