Support scope

SeLite doesn’t support functionality of related components and technologies (Selenium IDE, SelBlocks, SQLite, Firefox, Selenium selectors, XPath, Javascript…). See also AboutDocumentation > Documentation scope.

Search in current issues. If an existing issue covers your problem, vote for it. See also ThirdPartyIssues > Where to vote.

Report an issue

First, follow TroubleShooting. Before you report an issue, note details and versions of

Collect any errors from logs (as per TroubleShooting). If logs are short, copy and paste them in the error report. Otherwise install AddOnsThirdParty > File Logging, restart Firefox, re-run your script, save the log in a file and attach it to the error issue.

By submitting an issue or a comment you agree that project administrator(s) can, without notice, edit your comment, and/or incorporate your comment into SeLite, under the current or any future license.

Submit any failing scripts

Save your scripts (cases and suites), along with any HTML forms/pages as per PackagedScripts > Structure. If needed, include any Settings as per SettingsManifests > Values manifests. Put that in a .zip file and attach it to the issue. That prevents typing mistakes and misunderstanding. Alternatively, if you report only a few simple Selenese command calls, you could send them as text, e.g.:

command | target | value
command | target | value

However, that allows for mistakes on both sides. Also, the system for tracking issues may modify text content (it formats it as Markdown, it auto-links #123.. to issue numbers and it auto-links URLs).

Do not just attach screenshots that just show messages or your command(s). Also copy and paste those messages as text.

Submit your Firefox profile

If the problem only happens with third party or custom extensions, or if it involves a complex situation, you may need to attach your Firefox profile. See also TroubleShooting > Separate Firefox profile. Locate the Firefox profile folder. Turn Firefox off, remove any private data and places.sqlite.

However, GitHub doesn’t allow issue attachments other than images. So, zip up the folder, upload it to somewhere on the internet and add a link to it to the issue. Alternatively, and only if the .zip file is under 10MB, email it to the maintainer.

GitHub references

Please, refer to other issues, projects, forks, commits and pull requests with GitHub Autolinked references and URLs.