SeLite Settings API

Operate SeLite Settings-managed configurations through API. See its source. In Core extensions access it through object SeLiteSettings. In other scopes, e.g. Selenium IDE extensions or code modules (as per JavascriptComplex > Javascript code modules), call


Defining a configuration module

Define a configuration module (schema) in a Javascript file (in UTF-8). See test_settings_module.js as an example. Instantiate

The definition must be

Whenever you update a module definition, you need to either

Registering and loading a module programatically

Use SeLiteSettings.loadFromJavascript() to load or register & load a module programatically. You don’t need this if you register the configuration file via SettingsInterface.

Reading values

See class SeLiteSettings.Module and its methods

Updating preferences

See class SeLiteSettings.Field and its methods setValue(), addValue() and removeValue().