The example script logs in as an admin and creates a user with random credentials. It logs in as that user and posts and validates random content.

Install FUDforum 3

I had some sessions issues with FUDforum_3.0.6RC2.zip. Therefore I’ve installed it from SVN, trunk (http://sourceforge.net/p/fudforum/code/HEAD/tree/trunk/) revision 5765. See Installation > Create your own install script. In addition to that, you can try Installation > Command line installation.

SeLite can’t solve the captcha (it would be a weak captcha otherwise). Therefore select Administration > Global Settings Manager > Disable Captcha Test.

Install SeLite

Install recent Firefox and all SeLite Components.

Install SeLite FUDforum framework

Apply InstallFramework. The framework and scripts are in fudforum folder. Note that appDB filename ends with .db.php (e.g. /var/www/fudforum-data/forum.db.php).

DB schema

When extending DB table definitions in fudforum/fudforum-framework.js see e.g. http://localhost/fudforum > Administration (near top right) > SQL (near top left) > inspect the schema.