Below are some web applications or frameworks that can run with SQLite DB. That makes them SeLite ideal ideal for them, since they can fully benefit from SettingsInterface > Reloading databases. Link notation:

To install follow InstallFramework.

Language WebServer/Framework/IDE Application or Demo SeLite framework or demo
Java Tomcat, NetBeans Creating a Simple Web Application Using an SQLite Database  
Java   Java & SQLite Q&A  
Python Yii Creating Your First Yii Application  
Python Flask Python Web Applications With Flask - Part II (app creation)  
PHP   Dotclear DotclearFramework
PHP   Drupal 7 DrupalFramework
PHP   FUDforum (& FUDforum downloads, sources etc.) FUFDforumFramework
PHP   phpMyFAQ
PHP   Serendipity SerendipityFramework