Following shows direct dependencies between Firefox Components that form SeLite. You don’t need to read this if you use all SeLite components.

If you disable some components, do it at chrome:// URL about:addons. Don’t disable them in Selenium menu Options > Options… > Plugins.

Providers >
Dependents \/
   Bootstrap Clipboard And IndentCommandsDB ObjectsExtensionSequencerMiscellaneousSelBlocksGlobalSettingsTestCase
Clipboard And Indent info download X X (1)
Hands-on GUI info download X X X
Preview info download X X X
Settings info download X (5) X (5) X
Commands info download X X X
DB Objects info download X X X X
SelBlocksGlobal info download X X X
ExtensionSequencer info download
Miscellaneous info download X (3)
TestCase Debug Context info download X
AutoCheck info download X X X X X
Bootstrap info download X X X X
ExitConfirmationChecker info download X (2) X X X X
Run All Favorites (4) info download X


  1. Clipboard And Indent can work without Settings. Then the default indentation step is 4 spaces.
  2. Exit Confirmation Checker can be used either with or without Commands. If used together, then it applies to Selenese defined in Commands.
  3. Miscellaneous and Settings can be used without Selenium IDE (as Javascript code modules). Then they don’t require Extension Sequencer. However, if you want to use them within Selenium IDE, you need Extension Sequencer, too.
  4. Run All Favorites also requires Favorites (Selenium IDE).
  5. Settings can be used without DB Objects, but then you can’t reload script/vanillavanilla db/app DB through GUI (as per SettingsInterface > Reloading databases).