Class: FieldInformation


This represents value(s) of a field, and where this value(s) come from (a set/manifest/field definition). @TODO check/force type it there: Also known as 'valueCompound' in ovOptions.js.


new FieldInformation(entry, fromPreferences, folderPathopt, setNameopt)

Name Type Attributes Description
entry * the value(s) of the field, either - string/boolean/number (its 'primitive' value), or null or undefined, for non-choice single-value fields; or - object (potentially empty) serving as an associative array, for choice field (multivalued or single valued) or for non-choice multi-valued field, if the field has a value (or multiple values) or if it's empty but present (as indicated by SeLiteSettings.VALUE_PRESENT), in format { string key => string/number ('primitive') label or value entered by user }, - null, if it has no value/choice in the given set and is indicated as 'null' by SeLiteSettings.NULL - undefined otherwise (if the field has no value/choice in the given set)
fromPreferences boolean | undefined whether the value comes from preferences (otherwise it comes from a values manifest or from its module's definition, or it's undefined @TODO check why undefined)
folderPath string | undefined <optional>
- folder path to the manifest file (either values manifest, or associations manifest) - empty '' if the values comes from the default set- @TODO check - null if fromPreferences===true or if the value comes from field default in module schema- @TODO check
setName string | undefined <optional>
set name (only valid if fromPreferences==true)